Eat And Train Don't Diet And Exercise!

I'm Anna, founder of MyFitZone – a hub for real people, living real lives that want to be healthy and fit. I will ensure that you have everything you need to be motivated, encouraged and empowered on your quest to become a healthier and fitter you.

I want it to be fun for you, not a chore. Training with me through the combination of specific exercises routines, intensity and unique combinations make it enjoyable, inspiring and achieve credible and lasting results.

I won't have you counting calories or macros, using and wasting lots of ingredients on complex recipes, taking expensive supplements, and nor will I be setting unrealistic goals that seem near impossible to achieve. I live in the real world too!

So come and join me and begin your MyFitZone journey.

What Our Clients Say

I’ve been following the MyFitZone sessions since July. I find it a much easier way to motivate myself to exercise than going to the gym. While challenging, I really enjoy the sessions and feel I’ve really achieved something at the end of every one. My energy levels are up and I’ve also noticed a change in my body shape which is always a bonus!

- Henrietta Shone

I have enjoyed every minute of MyFitZone over the past two months... and am totally amazed at the results both physically and mentally. Finally after 40 years of attempting fitness I have found you guys! thank you

- Katie Harber-Hollingshead

I am already very fit and take part in marathons and triathlons.For me joining MyFitZone has improved my fitness to perform better in my disciplines and also the biggest thing for me is the improvement I have found in my posture.My upper body strength was so poor but I have really seen huge gains and this has really helped me realign my back and strengthened my core.

- Charlotte Bennett

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